Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Smart Comfort: Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Smart Comfort: Motorised Outdoor Blinds
Elevate your outdoor space with motorised outdoor blinds. 
Designed for convenience, they can be controlled with a simple button push and integrate seamlessly with your smart home systems. 
Adjust your blinds to perfect sun or shade settings, enhancing your home's functionality and comfort.
We offer a rechargeable battery-powered option or a plug-in model, both of which offer whisper-quiet, reliable performance.
These motors are tucked away within the blind's top tube, ensuring a sleek look while fully compliant with Australian standards. 
Enjoy the ease of adjusting your blinds to any height with the remote control, which can control up to 15 blinds individually or as a group.

Enhance Your Motor with Smart Options:

Smart WiFi Hub
This hub is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri and allows you to set a schedule or remotely operate your outdoor blinds from anywhere. 
Wireless Sun and Wind Sensor
 automatically retracts your outdoor blinds when high winds are detected and extends them again when the sun's intensity increases.
Slimline Solar Panel
This eco-friendly addition is compatible with Ozrite Battery-Powered motors and features easy plug-and-play installation. This sleek, slimline solar panel ensures your motorised outdoor blind is effortlessly powered by the sun's renewable energy for years.
For more details on these innovative solutions, visit our Home Automation page.

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