Outdoor Blind Fabric

The Best Outdoor Blind Fabrics for Any Weather.

The Best Outdoor Blind Fabrics for Any Weather.
When selecting outdoor blinds for Australia's harsh climate, opt for strong 2x2 construction "mesh" material for optimal comfort and durability. 
These materials offer several benefits:
- Reduce Glare: Minimizes glare, lowering temperatures.
- Wind Protection: Reduces wind penetration by up to 99%.
- Rain Blockage: Blocks up to 99% of rain.
- Breathability: Allows airflow, avoiding heat entrapment.
- Mould Resistance: Prevents degradation.
- Warmth Retention: Low-openness fabrics retain warmth.
- Visibility: Maintains clear views from inside, restricts visibility from outside.
- Insect Protection: Keeps insects out when used with side-retention systems like Ziplock.
We recommend a minimum of 95% protection for effectiveness and offer two types of fabrics:
Sunscreen Fabric: 95% UV protection, high visibility, moderate privacy.
Privacy Fabric: 99% protection enhances privacy with a tighter weave.
These choices ensure your outdoor blinds are functional, stylish, and suitable for specific climate needs.
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