Privacy Outdoor Blinds

Enhancing Privacy with Outdoor Blinds

Enhancing Privacy with Outdoor Blinds
Outdoor blinds are a stylish and functional addition to any home, offering a practical solution for enhancing Privacy and allowing you to keep your view in your outdoor living spaces. 
Whether you have a patio, deck, or balcony, installing outdoor blinds can transform these areas into secluded retreats. 

How can I have Privacy & Still see out?

Outdoor Blind Fabrics have come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of Canvas, Modern 'mesh' material blinds offer a unique balance between Privacy and visibility - They allow you to see your yard without exposing your space to the outside world.  
The key to this functionality lies in the material's openness factor; a higher openness factor provides better visibility, allowing more light and clearer views from the inside;  this makes them ideal for connecting with the outdoors while protecting your Privacy.
 Outdoor Blinds Looking Out

What about at night?

It works like tinted glass; when there is more light outside, you can't see in, and when the lights are on inside at night, it has the opposite effect.
The tighter the weave (less open), the more nighttime privacy you will have; with a 1% openness fabric at night, you won't be able to see details, just shadows or silhouettes.

What fabric should I choose for my area?

When selecting fabric for an outdoor blind, opt for strong 2x2 construction "mesh" material for optimal comfort and durability. 
We recommend a minimum of 95% protection for effectiveness and offer two types of fabrics: 
Sunscreen Fabric: 95% UV protection, high visibility, moderate Privacy.
Privacy Fabric: 99% protection enhances Privacy with a tighter weave.
Consider your specific requirements when choosing fabric for your outdoor blinds.
If Privacy is your main concern, the Privacy 99 fabric is the way to go.  
If your outdoor blind is primarily for sun, wind, and rain, the Sunscreen 95 offers the optimal Weather Protection, Privacy, and visibility blend.

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