Heavy Duty Channel

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Product Description

The Heavy Duty Channel is the perfect retractable outdoor blind for larger expanses or windy areas. It features powder-coated aluminium side channels to guide the base rail and cover the gap between posts and fabric.

Adjustable locking pins enable fabric tensioning at any height, ensuring premium wind protection and a secure fit. 

Perfect for outdoor settings, it preserves your view while enhancing privacy and providing superior shade, UV, and rain protection.

Experience quality with our custom-made Heavy Duty Channel, tailored to complement any alfresco, cafe, or patio.

★★★★★ 82 reviews


✅ Versatile Design: Ideal for larger expanses up to 5.5m wide.

🌀 Effortless Operation: Easy-winding gearbox for smooth functionality.

🔐 Secure Fit: Locking Pins ensure fabric tension and premium wind protection.

🌞 Superior Protection: Blocks up to 99% Sun & Rain.

👀 Enhanced Privacy: Keep your view while enhancing privacy.

📏 Tailored Fit: Custom-made to complement any alfresco, cafe, or patio.

💪 Heavy Duty Construction: Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

🛠️ Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation.

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Heavy Duty Channel

Technical Specs

Check out the Heavy Duty Channel specs, showing available sizes, options and customisations.

Maximum Width


(Free Delivery For Blinds up to 4.5m wide)

Maximum Drop


Product Features

Superior Components

  • 9:1 Ratio Gearbox for adjustable tension.
  • T6 Aluminium Top Tube.

Built To Last

  • Powdercoated T6 Aluminium Base Rail and Side Channels.
  • Integrated Locking Pins To Secure At Multiple Heights.
  • Channel Felt Strips For Smooth Silent Operation.

We've Got You Covered

  • Strong 2x2 Construction Fabric.
  • Keep Your View & Privacy.
  • Up to 99% Sun, Wind & Rain Protection.
  • 5 Year Warranty.

Our Range

Fabric & Colours

When choosing a fabric for your new outdoor blinds, the type and amount of protection will dictate the best material for your scenario.

Sunscreen 95

  • 95% Shade & UV Protection
  • 5% Openess (95% Wind & Rain Block)
  • Clear Outlook, Day Time Privacy.

Privacy 99

  • 99% Shade & UV Protection
  • 1% Openess (99% Wind & Rain Block)
  • Low Outlook, High Privacy

Easy To Measure

Watch our "How to Measure" video below & download our Measuring Template here.